You can now search and stream your favorite podcasts on Google Play Music, as the search giant has finally added the feature on Android.

Google Play Podcasts

Google first announced about podcasts coming to Play Music in October last year. Cut to 5 months later, the functionality is finally being rolled out to Android users.

Podcasts isn’t available to everyone just yet, but users in the United States and Canada should be able to search for podcasts.

You can search for your favorite podcasts, subscribe to it and stream it on the Google Play Music app on Android. Users onboard the iOS platform should also receive the feature soon enough, hopefully.

” People love podcasts. In fact, these days, there are so many podcasts to choose from, it can be hard to pick which one to listen to at any given time. That’s where Google Play Music comes in. Google Play Music already gives you the right kind of music for the right moment—whether you want to have fun at work, prepare for a dance party, or just need to focus—and now, that includes podcasts.”

Play Music will show you podcasts based on your interests, your mood and what you are currently doing. If you already know what podcasts you want to follow, simply search for it and subscribe. The app should make it easy to search and discover podcasts for your interests.
You can also download podcasts on to your smartphone and get notifications for when there’s a new podcast available. Instead of having another app to listen to podcasts, you can now use the Play Music app. Listen to music and podcasts in the same app. Read more about Podcasts on Google Play Music over at the official Android blog.