The PlayStation store recently announced on its blog that it is delighted about the release of its second PlayStation VR title, on 20th December. The all new PlayStation VR called Perfect gives you an opportunity to enjoy a relaxed experience. You can explore a trio of attractive landscapes in the new PlayStation VR title. It is available at a discount of 20% in its launch price till Jan. 4, 2017.

Perfect Will Give You Immersive VR Experience

According to the blog post. Perfect will give you a daydreaming experience that is provided by the engrossing power of the PlayStation VR. It will explore three enchanted, soothing, and spectacular virtual landscapes. The title has accessible controls that allow both newcomers and fans to have a similar experience of the stunning locations. The PlayStation VR touts Perfect as the best way to enjoy a relaxed holiday period.

Download PlayStation VR from PS Store

You can download Perfect on the PlayStation store now. It is available only until January 4 at a discounted price. PlayStation store says that it has released Perfect to help users to “unwind and escape in the busy run-up to the holidays.”

PS VR Brings Three Exclusive Places

The PlayStation VR title offers three exclusive environments. They are the Northern Lights, the Tropical Beach, and the Mountain Wilderness. Each of these landscapes has been meticulously crafted to show some of the most exquisite and stunning locations across the world. Hence, you can lay back and enjoy the virtual experience of each location by customizing the time of the day and by changing your point of view. You can also discover exceptional moments in your perfect environment.

Perfect Title Is Simple And Easy

The title is user-friendly and has simple controls that enable both your family and friends to part-take in this exuberant experience. Are you looking for moving around and interacting with your playing environment? Good news is that Perfect also supports PS Move.

Customize Your VR Experience By Adding Some Music

To uplift the VR experience, you can stream your favorite music on Spotify via PlayStation Music. You can also have some fun with the in-game radio that is loaded with a range of relaxing numbers. Perfect’s elusive and finely-detailed background setting will take you into a specially curated relaxing experience.

Thus, Perfect lets you escape your daily hassles for as small as five minutes to the whole day of Christmas!