Playstation have released some new information about their virtual-reality gaming headset the ‘PS VR’, which included the release date of October this year at a “suggested price” of $399.

This may not be as soon as many people will have hoped but it Playstation have thanked everyone for their patience and had this to say about the later release date: “we wanted to take the time needed to launch with a broad variety of content and a sufficient supply of hardware”. So although we have to wait a little while longer it’s good to know that Playstation are taking the time to provide players with the best possible content and equipment they can.

PS VR kit (via Playstation blog)

The PS VR isn’t the only virtual-reality gaming equipment set for release in the near future, as HTC ‘Vive’ and Oculus Rift are both looking to sit on top of the VR market. With Sony’s Playstation being such a strong force in the gaming community for so many years there is a lot of hype behind the PS VR, and people are eager to not only see how it will compare to it’s rivals, but also what content they produce as we move into a new era of gaming.

There are over 230 developers producing content for the PS VR, which includes big-name studios down to smaller independent teams. This is great news as it means we will see a wide-range of games and see how the equipment can bring them to life. It’s estimated that there will be 50 games available from the launch leading up until the end of the year, whether that actually happens is yet to be seen, but it’s definitely a good sign that there will be a variety of different content from the get-go.

The Playstation VR will be released in October 2016 and the “suggested price” will be $399

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