Persona Five, an RPG( Role Play Game) that will be released by Atlus Studios. In this article we have the most current information about the latest instalment of the Persona game series, and more!

Persona 5 Rumours

Below are the news and updates as well as the rumours on Persona 5.


Persona 5 Brief Summary

Persona 5

Persona Five is a game created by Atlus’s own, Katsura Hoshino, who also made the previous installments of this RPG. This multiplayer game takes place in modern day Tokyo, Japan. Players will be playing as a sixteen year old High School boy, in which, discovers his ability to call fourth the many faces of his spirit. The Phantom appears to be docile and quiet while inside a thief and trouble maker lurk. His is accompanied by Ryuki Sakamoto, the troublesome sidekick, Ann Takamaki, who seemingly isolates herself in her own little world, Yosuke Kitagwa the artist, and enter Morgana, whom can shift into a feline like mystery. These five come together to form “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”. They work as a team to deliver ruin and rule, but on the way they encounter supernatural forces.


New Game Updates

Dungeon Exploration is said to surprise players with additional abilities in the new game. Some of these abilities are jumping across gaps, and bolting between cover. There is a set environment which will coordinate with the plot and theme of the game as well as unplanned locations as well. There is a turn base attack system, which enables users to allow their character to attack others with numerous choices versus just one string of action at time. There also is choice of duo personas as well as two weapon choices which are gun and sword, or knife.


Persona 5 Availability and Platforms

Is Persona 5 going to be available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One? Persona 5 is only coming out on Play Station (PS3 & PS4) platforms. Unfortunately Xbox users will not be able to play the game.

What about Persona 5 Vita? Unfortunately no official confirmation yet however more likely to come out than Xbox platforms.



The creation of Persona 5 began after their first game Catherine came out in 2011. The first trailer did not leave much answer for the fans that anxiously wanted to know more. There was however one quote which taunted players; “You Are Slave. Want Emancipation?” The only information that was left for players and fans alike was, the release date of Winter 2014 as well as the PS3 title. February 5 2015 the first game play trailer debuted! During the Toyko Game Show it was announced that the new Persona 5, would not be released until the mid 2016!

The reason behind the delay is to that the team can deliver a supreme product that would pick up where Persona 4 left off. The main subject of the game that the characters wish to show is being a rebel and being brave enough to make your own pathway and not follow society’s norms.

Some might argue Persona 5 will be seeing some competition from Fallout 4 however both games have very different tastes and both definitely have their advantages over each.

While the Persona 3 and 4 theme colors were yellow and blue, Persona 5 game‘s theme colors is red which is meant to bring a rebellious feel to the game.

This is meant to make the game more approachable to new comers and leave an emotional mark on those already playing the Persona series.


Latest News

While fans anxiously await the release of Persona 5, said to be released middle of 2016, today the director had made the wait a little more bittersweet. Katsura Hashino announced that the release of the game will not be until summer of 2016 for Europe. The good news however is there is a new Persona 5 release trailer that players must see! The new trailer will release some of the disappointing news to awaiting fans. The theme song is indeed catchy, as well as energetic,the graphics are eye candy approved, for those of you who did not see the trailer released a month ago:


[youtube id=”OcVCE_2ES_Y” parameters=””]


Hang in there Persona fans, the wait is going to be worth the quality and before you know it Summer will be back again, this time delivering a thirst quenching sequel to the Persona series!