Now taking the world by storm is Nintendo’s unexpected smash hit — Miitomo.

Taking over the top spot of the Top Free charts in Apple’s App store, this surprisingly addicting game has successfully unseated the chart’s long time ruler — Snapchat.

Barely a month since the game was launched by Nintendo, the app has attracted over three million downloads, and has managed to continually enthrall a consistently growing number of users.

And this is likely the reason why.

Getting started

This highly popular game slash social media platform has characters based almost entirely on Nintendo Wii’s popular avatars called ‘Mii’s. To get started in the game, users must first tell the app where their from. After choosing their location, a prompt which asks whether or not the user has an existing Nintendo account that he would like to link to the app is shown.

According to sources, users who decide to create a new Nintendo account or have an existing account which they decide to link with the platform will get them cool ingame bonuses.

Making a Mii

Users get to build their Miis according to their actual looks. Using their devices’ front cameras, Miitomo will help users create Miis that look a lot like them. Miis created by users will possess facial characteristics that resemble how their faces look like.

Users can customize their Mii avatars according to their liking. The Mii avatars are completely customizable — from their hair, clothes, facial features like eyes, lips, cheeks, and everything else.

Personalizing Mii

Apart from being able to customize how their Miis look, users are also given the ability to customize their Mii’s personalities, as well as their voices or how they talk. Although the app could not perfectly replicate the users’ voices, the Miis’ voices can be adjusted to approximate their users’ natural speaking voice.

Miitomo World

Right after successfully creating a Mii, users are immediately welcomed to the world of Miitomo, where they get to socialize and answer questions — which is basically the aim in the game. The more questions the users answer, the more coins they get.


The coins users get in answering questions can be used to further customize their Miis. With enough coins on hand, users can head over to Miitomo’s shop where they can purchase tons of clothing and other accessories for their Miis.


The users’ Miis can socialize with their friends’ Miis and vice versa. Mii friends can be added through Facebook, Twitter, or in-person. Users can answer questions for themselves and see how their Mii friends answered their questions by checking on the app every once in a while.

While the app sounds a bit uninteresting and maybe even boring, users who have experienced being in the world of Miitomo firsthand know that this simply does not hold true.