Last week, Snapchat came out with another huge update to it’s social media messaging mobile app. The update features slo-mo and rewind filters, story replies, new front-facing lenses, and if you’re updated enough to have the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus the app features a force touch feature. Below we will get into highlighting how to fully utilize these new in-app features.


Slo-Mo, Fast Forward, and Rewind Filters:
Snapchat Slo Mo

After already having captured your video and scrolling through your Filter options, you’ll notice three new options: slow motion, fast forward, and rewind. Many users have been doing similar effects on their videos with the help of extraction and third party applications, now every user may capitalize on these effects.

To use any of the new filters, simply record your video and swipe through your Snap Filters after recording. You’ll find three new filters, swipe on to one of them and preview your new video with effects. Then, send to your friends and story!


Story Replies:

Snapchat Story Reply Snapchat Story Reply 2

Now when thumbing through a friends’ snap story, you have the option of replying specifically to one snap in their story. When you do so, the Snapchat User will receive your reply, as well as their original snapchat image or video.

To use this feature, simply swipe up on any snap during a snap story and compose your message. Hit send and the message, along with the original snap from the story, is sent to the user.


Front-Facing Lenses:

Snapchat Front LensesSnapchat Front Lenses Paid Snapchat Front Lenses 2

This one is pretty cool! With the older updates, users have been able to add lenses to snapchats. Although a neat feature, there was always some mystery as to what filters would be available today. Now, the full list of Snapchat filters is always available, and most of the options users have gotten familiar with cost $0.99.

To use these lenses make sure your front facing camera is on, tap and hold on the screen wherever your face appears. From there, the app should recognize your face and appearing on the bottom of the page will be a swipeable list of filters. Scroll through and you will see which ones are free and which are paid.

Force Touch:

Snapchat Force Touch

Force Touch is still fairly native to iOS and the features are still being perfected. With new Snapchat update, using Force Touch allows you to either Chat With a friend or Add Friends to your friends list.

To use Force Touch simply press hard on the app and a new menu should appear allowing you to Chat With… and Add Friends.