The easiest way to stream games straight to your TV from respective platforms was the Steam Link. But, during a presentation yesterday, Steam Dev Days has announced that it was taking the streamers one level up by integrating the streamers straight into smart televisions of the future. That gives avid gamers the ability to do away with the $50 tiny box.

Partnership with Samsung to integrate Steam Link

Samsung and Valve are partnering to render the capabilities of Steam Link straight into the new series of TVs. Tweets from Dave Oshry, developer and Sergey Galyonkin who were present at an event exclusively for developers confirm the move.

Most other details concerning this development are presently unavailable to the media including a possible release date. But, the information does provide Steam lovers a good reason to put on hold any plans to buy a new TV.

Status on Steam controllers

Presently, gamers seeking to stream Steam from their TV need to have their personal controller, and there are limited options they have on that. There is an official version of Steam Controller while others also work through USBs. If this functionality is also getting integrated into the new smart TVs is not known yet.

Steam Link – the tiny box goes away

Compared to other streaming options like the Steam Machine, Steam Link is a cheaper alternative. PC gamers will find elimination of the small box a great appetizer. This move makes further sense, especially considering how new TVs like Hulu and Netflix come embedded with streaming services.

Valve partnering with Samsung a smart move

Valve has been a dominant player in the digital market for PCSs and partnering with Samsung (currently experiencing a troubled patch) still gives Valve the leverage to take on competition. Even for gamers who may find a new TV, not within their budget, the Steam Link is still a viable option.