We’ve seen pricing start to trickle out through leaks for BlackBerry’s latest smartphone. It’s their first running an Android operating system and could be one of the most in demand handsets in their line-up. But you’ll pay for it.

Canadian pricing came out at a whopping $800 from some carriers, with prices as high as $950 reported. European pricing is similar, posting around $750 in US dollars. Pricing for the United States was accidentally leaked earlier on the BlackBerry page. Their new Priv will cost an impressive $750 here, too, as well.

Pricing a phone in this range is a direct attempt at market share steal from giants Apple and Samsung. Nearly all of the value and budget Android entries sell for hundreds less. BlackBerry does have a lot of high end hardware packed into their Priv, so it should compete with phones in this price point. It’s hard to say how if the built-in keyboard will differentiate it enough. Both Samsung and Apple offerings start $100 cheaper, and the top rated Nexus 6P is a whole $350 less expensive than the Priv.

Expect the Priv to be around $400 US with carrier discounts on a multi year plan.

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