A dream was born. An idea formed. A fantasy blossomed. And science dulled the atmosphere. The blossomed bloomed against the backdrop of a dull, colourless sky. I got that very feeling when watching the ad for Netflix Vista Black Mirror ad. Obviously, Netflix Vista isn’t real. I mean, I wish it was. I think we all do. But let’s talk about what actually happened in the trailer.

The trailer showed us a future, not any old future, but a near future, a believable and tangible continuation of our present. We’d put contacts in our eyes that projects a Netflix series right in front of us, it’s astonishing. Words can’t do it justice, but let me try:

Netflix Vista In Theory

Imagine strolling down the park… it’s dark, gloomy. You sit on the bench, awaiting transport to pick you up, but no one comes. It’s late and the shops around you are closing. The winds weren’t making things any easier. The sky started to roar. You open your umbrella, expecting the rainfall. It could happen any second now… any second. Strangers walk past you and notice how strange your eyes look, but you smile casually as the pass by. The rain begins to fall, drop by drop… then it pours….

You check your watch, and it’s getting late. Bored, you push your eye and Netflix boots up, and what a sight it is, especially in the dark and the rain. You put your earphones on to block the noise of the rain out. You are ready to make a selection. Which genre should you choose? Horror? No. The setting is rather inappropriate for that one. Then what? Comedy? Romance? Action? Sci-fi? Actually, Comedy sounds pretty good. A movie or a series? Well seeing as how you’re going to be sitting here until your lift comes, I’d go with a sitcom, it will alleviate the fear you’re feeling being in the park alone. The comedy plays and you sit there in the park, laughing yourself sick, until you realize you’re laughing in the park all alone.

As the show comes to an end, you have one last laugh before your lift shows up and he wanders what you’re being so gushy over. You explain your day on the drive home and you go to your bedroom, put on Netflix and rewatch that episode with your other half so you can share your experience of watching this episode with him. Netflix Vista will make this day possible in the future.