Netflix Offline

When Netflix first began all those years ago, we all dreamed of having an offline mode. Piracy lets you download just about anything (illegally, of course). So obviously, Netflix was tired of competing with illegal downloads, so they’ve just added this: Netflix Download And Go a new download option to use so you can watch your videos offline. What’s this all about? Well, it’s as simple as it sounds but let break it down for you.

The Scenario

“You get up one morning with your girlfriend. There is a beeping noise coming from your garage. You get up to go check it out. It turns out, you are low on electricity. Frustrated, you take a shower. You get out and put your work clothes on. You go to the kitchen, where there is a lovely breakfast waiting for you. You eat it and smile at your beautiful girlfriend. You take your suitcase, put it in the backseat and you head to work. You have the worst day at work imaginable. Your boss gives you crap about absolute nonsense, but you just have to take it or else. You have meeting after meeting, and you sit there, tired the whole time, missing chilling with your girlfriend with Netflix on. The day doesn’t seem to want to end. Even your usual lunch break is no longer cutting it. You just really want to get back home. At the end of the day, when you’re about to leave, your boss stops you and tells you he needs you to put in a couple more hours to finish up some paperwork. Defeated, you agree. It’s now night-time and you still haven’t gone home. You race home as fast as you can, only to find there’s no electricity, as your lights have been cut. Your wife isn’t around. You go upstairs and you find her in bed watching Netflix on her laptop.”

Isn’t this what you’d like to come home to under those circumstances?

What can be downloaded from Netflix?

Not everything on Netflix is available to download. Disney films and series are not (and you can’t blame them. They stand to lose a lot of money from these legal downloads. But all in all, I’m glad Netflix has given us the option to do this. It’s a step in the right direction and it makes sharing videos a lot easier on everyone. Hopefully Amazon and Hulu will follow suit and introduce a download option soon.