Netflix has jokes! No. Well, not of the, “we’re just messing with you” kind. The kind that has us rolling on the ground uncontrollably with laughter. We understand why you would be confused, though. With all the original comedy that they had and still have lined up, how much more of this do they have up their sleeves? They have to be kidding, right? But no! They apparently have a lot more than we think! This is no comedic stunt. With very recent news reporting that Netflix is bringing on board someone who has made waves in his industry, we cannot keep silent. Jerry Seinfeld is going to be joining the long list of comedians still to air on Netflix this year.

Netflix Gets Exclusive Rights to Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

On Tuesday, January 17th Netflix announced that the hit show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, will be moving to Netflix in collaboration with the producer of the show, Jerry Seinfeld. The show which was originally developed for Crackle (Sony Corp’s online video platform) has been acquired by Netflix. Seinfeld is reportedly “charged” about the move. New -and previously aired- episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee can be expected to air later in the year. If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch a single episode -which we highly doubt but you can never be too sure- stop by to check out if there are still episodes to stream on the online platform Crackle. Unless you’ve pledged allegiance to Netflix, then you can practice a bit of patience until it airs. The show features various comedians and performers riding in a vintage car with Jerry Seinfeld, talking about comedy over some coffee. It’s in the title really. The show has featured the likes of Tina Fey (30 Rock), Steve Martin (Cheaper by the Dozen) and even Barack Obama, soon to be the former president of the United States of America. Here’s the part that really gets us! Not only did Jerry Seinfeld sign off exclusive rights to his show, but he has also signed a deal with Netflix to produce two Netflix original stand-up comedy specials. Not one, but two!

Just when we thought Netflix took comedy to new heights, we’re given even greater hope and assurance of a year filled with laughter. This is all a bit too much to take in, so we’ll leave it here.