Although Netflix is filled with classic, funny, animated, thrilling and action-packed movies and series; there are also some great documentaries showing on Netflix. It’s great to take a break from your series addiction or film marathon by getting educated and informed with some eye-opening documentaries. Documentaries provide an opportunity for us to look through the eyes of other people and see what they experience, as well as shedding light on major global issues such as climate change, pollution and the meat industry.

We all have the responsibility to stay informed about current world issues, and documentaries provide us with the opportunity to do so, as well as giving us a glimpse of what really goes on in other parts of the world and in other peoples’ lives. Netflix has some great documentaries available to view on a wide variety of topics. ‘Into the Inferno’ is a documentary created by Werner Herzog and takes the viewer on a journey to explore some of the world’s volcanoes as well as the indigenous tribes who live in close proximity to these volcanoes and have a spiritual relationship with them. ‘My Beautiful Broken Brain’ is a documentary that depicts the life of a 34-year-old woman who suffered a stroke and reveals her experience throughout her condition. These are just 2 of the great documentaries showing on Netflix.

Documentaries Currently on Netflix

• Floyd Norman: An Animated Life
• Keepers of the Game
• When Two Worlds Collide
• Hooligan Sparrow
• Into the Inferno
• Extremis
• Audrie & Daisy
• Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang
• Fastball
• The Art of Organized Noise
• My Beautiful Broken Brain
• Amanda Knox

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