It’s not rare to have your Netflix account hacked, it happens a lot and you can even buy credentials from various places on the internet. Has it ever happened to you? Here’s how you can find out if you’ve been hacked.

Netflix allows you to share your credentials with your friends and family, but others can also gain access and misuse your account. It may not be that your account was hacked from your computer, but it can also be hacked from a friend or family members computer.

You can quickly check who’s been accessing your Netflix account and get details such as IP address, place, time, date and what device. At least this way, you’ll know if someone has been using your account without your knowledge.

If you find out that your Netflix account has been hacked, here’s what you need to do. First, you’ll need to confirm if your account has been hacked. To do so;

See anything suspicious? Well, that probably means you’ve been hacked. Here’s what you need to do now;

That’s about it. But this doesn’t mean your worry is over. Like we said, it could be that your account was hacked from a friends computer who you gave your credentials too. Ask them to be more careful next time and not to allow their friends to use your account.

It’s relatively easy to purchase Netflix credentials from dark websites, where they’re sold for about 50 cents to a dollar. Make sure you check your recent access and keep your account safe. Having your Netflix account hacked and then seeing unwanted shows on your list can be embarrassing.