Netflix 4k

People all over the world have been craving 4K content. And who could blame them? Have you seen how sharp and detailed everything is on 4K screen? It’s simply beautiful and electrifying. Too bad, there’s not enough of that content out there. Netflix wants to remedy the situation. The streaming giant has finally made 4K streaming available to PC Users, Netflix 4K. But, as always, there is a giant catch!!!

The Catch

The catch is that they’re basically forcing you to use Microsoft’s Edge Browser, which is basically useless. It is one of the most hated we browsers in the world. In fact, I think the only one it comes second to is Microsoft’s Internet explorer, which is an abomination. Oh, and you have to be running Windows 10 and a 7th Gen Kaby Lake Intel Processor. You can stream Netflix 4K on your PS4 Pro or Xbox One S and the results are remarkable indeed.

A History Of 4k

4k TVs started appearing at the end of the year 2012. Back then, they were completely unaffordable. The most expensive one now costs a tenth of what the most expensive one cost all those years ago. So here we are, in the age of Ultra High Definition. What a glorious age it is. Besides getting cheaper and more affordable over the years, 4K has now integrated itself into multiple platforms.

New consoles from Sony and Microsoft will use 4K heavily. The PlayStation 4 Pro aims to make 4K gaming available to the mass audience. The console is $399, which is cheap compared to $900 PCs. There are caveats with Sony’s machine, as it doesn’t render most games at a native 4K resolution, instead opting for checkerboard rendering techniques to simulate 4K resolution. The PS4 Pro lacks a 4K Blu-ray drive whilst the Xbox One S does. However, PS4 Pro allows for 4K streaming, which is fantastic for us Sony lovers.

Next year, Microsoft will release their Project Scorpio and promises to have cross-platform gameplay as well as the ability to use certain PC games of your Scorpio, for a fully integrated 4K experience.