Moto 360 2: It’s not just your typical smartwatch

Moto 360 2 is probably one of the most underrated wearable device in the market today. Here’s why.

While most manufacturers of smartwatches in our time bank on their products’ “cutting edge” technology and “sophisticated” features to entice users into buying their products — the laid-back back approach that Motorola has chosen for its second-generation Moto 360 seems to make the product a lot more attractive than it would have been had the company decided to go the other way.

Moto 360 2 is just like any other popular smartwatch thriving in the wearable tech industry, and at the same time, it also is not.

Here’s why.


While many of the Moto 360’s contenders in the market today exhibit in their appearances the great risks that their makers have taken in an effort to appear completely different — Motorola’s decision to take the low-key approach when it comes to the 360’s design is well-appreciated, and that appreciation, in turn, is very well-deserved.

It comes with the standard interchangeable quick-release strap design, a changeable watch face feature, and an aircraft-grade stainless steel for its precision-crafted case that comes in three variants: black, silver, or rose gold.

But that’s not all that there is to it.

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It’s also built with an edge-to-edge glass designed with an exceptionally thin bezel that’s polished to perfection, crafted to provide its users the largest viewing area that it could possibly give.

And because the company knows that everyone was made unique, Motorola went out of its way to come up with a 46mm design and a 42mm design to better fit its customers’ wants and needs.


Moto Body

Hoping for some fitness tracking technology?

Moto 360 2 is not one to disappoint, you see.

This sleek smartwatch is not just pretty, it’s also smart enough to track your daily efforts and activities — and it does come with a feature that will offer you a much-needed coaching advice.

Coaching Advice

The Moto 360’s coaching advice feature is not one to be taken lightly. It sends spontaneous notifications to help keep you on track, and it does send a weekly email that summarizes all the progress you’ve made throughout the week.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The problem with many smartwatches out in the market today is that most of them are practically useless without a mobile phone nearby.

The Moto 360 2 begs to differ.

Through its Wi-Fi connectivity feature, users can leave their phones at home and still get the notifications that they hope to be getting — on the smartwatch itself.

Google Play™ Music

Playing your favorite music isn’t ever going to be a problem even without a cellphone and without a Wi-Fi connection near you.

The Moto 360 is equipped with a feature that allows it to sync podcasts and playlists straight from your Google Play™ Music.

And if you pair it with the equally impressive Moto Surround earbuds, you can listen to your favorite music all day, everyday, without ever feeling the need for anything else.

This feature works with any Bluetooth-enabled earphones as well.


With the Moto 360 2, it’s not just the notifications that you will be getting straight on your wrist.

You’ll be able to read you Gmail messages, glance at your calendar, get directions via Google Maps, and keep up with what’s going on with Google Hangouts.

You also get to access almost everything hands free.

Say “Ok Google” and fire away with all the questions you want answered.

When is your next appointment? What is the biggest star in the sky? Send a text message? Add a to-do on your list? The Moto 360 can have all of these accomplished without even the need for you to use any of your hands.


Want more apps on your smartwatch? Here’s a few more that you never thought you’d ever need.


Browse through Spotify and play anything you want straight from your wrist.

Adjust the volume, change the song, hit pause, press play. Do everything right from your wrist.

See no need to grab your phone.

Start your car remotely

Want to start your car remotely? The Moto 360 2 can do that for you, too.

With the MyFord Mobile app right on your wrist, you can start your car, check your electronic vehicle’s battery status — and even get directions on where exactly you parked your vehicle.

Traveling often?

Traveling can take its toll especially when there’s so much to do and there’s very little time. Thankfully, with the Moto 360’s FlyDelta app, you can go completely hands-free with a handy feature that places your e-boarding pass right on your wrist. And of course, what use is this app if you couldn’t get up-to-date information about your flight as well as the boarding gates?

Overall, the Moto 360 2 definitely does not fail to impress not just with its simple yet elegant design, but also with the subtle yet impressive features hidden under its delicate and beautiful front.

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