With just hours to go before the much awaited Mobile World Congress opens in Barcelona, the tech world is bracing itself to see some of the very familiar brands from yesteryears making a comeback. Nokia and BlackBerry are in the forefront of once popular brands staging a comeback.

Nokia is expected to dominate the show with at least 2 new smartphones and we even hear rumors that the 3310, which was the darling of mobile users once, is likely to be re-launched though this is just a basic phone with none of the features of a smartphone.

Mobile World Congress – BlackBerry

BlackBerry is another major brand that is on its comeback trail looking to stamp its feet firmly in the smartphone space with a much-hyped device running on Android Nougat as against BlackBerry’s proprietary operating system.

BlackBerry and Nokia were in the forefront of the mobile phone revolution but were pushed behind my miles with the advent of the iPhones and other Android devices.

Mobile World Congress – Most Big names showcase their flagship products

Traditionally, most of the bigger names in the smartphone and other handheld devices use the MWC as an annual platform to make major announcements regarding their flagship devices and related news. This year, however, Samsung which used to dominate the show is taking the backseat for more reasons than one. HTC too is on record that it won’t be announcing any new devices during the event this year.

The Mobile World Congress is a big annual event for every smartphone maker and it is only natural that they showcase the best here to claim their share of the global pie. Dual cameras, fingerprint scanners, and stunning screens are also expected to hold the center stage at this year’s event.

For the comeback kids BlackBerry and Nokia the Mobile World Congress 2017 will set the tone for their future aspirations in the smartphone space.