Misfit Ray: A fitness tracker with no boundaries

The fact that people now have fitness trackers to turn to for help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is already a revolution in itself.

Decades ago, no one would have thought it possible to have a miniature gadget capable of constantly monitoring one’s health round-the-clock.

As smartwatches and fitness trackers strive to revolutionize the lifestyles of the health conscious, one company decided to revolutionize this revolution.

Before the then-startup company Misfit was acquired by world-famous watchmaker Fossil, it never failed to live up to its name in a world full of uptight fitness trackers.

And it has no reason not to continue doing the same.

Misfit has recently unveiled the Misfit Ray at the CES 2016, and one again, the company lived up to its name — a misfit in a world full of monotony.

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This fitness tracker is able to do nearly everything other fitness trackers are able to do. This ultra-stylish fitness tracker has the ability to measure the steps taken by users as well as how far they’ve travelled, it can monitor calories burned, and oversee sleep quality and duration. This promising device is also capable of tagging certain activities like yoga and cycling, and has a built-in feature that automatically notifies users of alarms, as well as incoming calls and texts.

The Ray comes with two button cell batteries that are replaceable, eliminating completely the need for users to constantly charge their devices.

The edge of the Misfit Ray over all other competitors, however, is the fact that its unique, ultra-stylish design allows its users to carry the device absolutely everywhere — there are no boundaries.

While most fitness trackers tend to hit the drawers during dressy occasions, the Misfit Ray’s distinct design and structure makes it ideal to wear, even on formal occasions.

Misfit Ray is only available on Misfit Online Store. It should be available on Amazon and other retailers in the near future.

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