Who isn’t a fan of mixed martial arts? Okay, I’m sure many of you aren’t, but in a way, it’s a sport, nonetheless. For me, personally, I’m not the biggest fan of it (I was when I was younger). I can understand and appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into training for tournaments and championships. Most of my exposure to it comes from watching films like “Rocky” or “Warrior”, or even “Southpaw”, and what I’ve realized, it’s not so much about the fighting than it is about the people in the fight. Who are they? What drives them? Why do they need to fight to survive? All these questions get you hooked and excited for each match. And the more committed they are, the better. One of UFC’s greatest champions (and one of the most interesting, I would say) is Miesha Tate. She is known mainly for her grappling ability and has won an absurd amount of times. Unfortunately, she just announced her retirement after losing to fellow UFC fighter, Raquel Pennington. She won’t be forgotten though as she leaves a pretty strong legacy behind her. Here are 5 Interesting Facts you May Not Know About Miesha Tate:

One Of Her Nicknames Is Cupcake

A rather odd, but a cute nickname. It’s a nickname she gave herself due to her love of… well, cupcakes. She also chose it because she thought it was “fun”. Interestingly enough, one of her previous nicknames was “Takedown”, which she got due to her reputation as a wrestler in high school. Yes, we can definitely see why she’d want to lighten things up a bit.

Miesha Tate’s Boyfriend Is Bryan Carraway

Ah, true love. Isn’t it wonderful to meet someone who shares the same passions as you do? That’s exactly what happened to her. They met while she was still a student and she was really keen on being part of his team. Initially, he didn’t want to mix business with pleasure, but as we all know, they managed to get past that and are still together.

She Has Fought 23 Times In The UFC

A rather impressive number. She is known to be quite fierce and relentless and has won a total of 18 times out of 23 matches. That is spectacular.

She Is Quite The Hero

She is known for her antics as a real-life hero. She recently went on a hike up a mountain and came across a little girl who had broken her arm and needed help. Miesha then carried the girl all the way down the mountain to safety.

Miesha Tate Net Worth

Miesha Tate’s Net Worth is said to be estimated at $2 Million