In today’s world, which is filled with technology use every day, from smart cars to e-readers, fashion and tech often collide

From the gem-centered Ringly to the well-priced Mira fitness tracker bracelet, the merger of fashion and tech is becoming increasingly more stylish. One of the biggest names to enter the smartwatch arena is mega-designer Michael Kors, who is making wearable tech more mainstream by designing Android Wear (a Google platform).


Michael Kors Smartwatch Price

His Dylan Access and Bradshaw Access watch designs are modeled after two of his most popular styles.

Starting at $350, they’re a little more expensive than the other Android Wear that’s currently out there but worth it. Let’s compare the two to see which of the two might be the smart match for you.

The gorgeous Bradshaw Access is larger and heavier than its Bradshaw original counterpart. The gold-colored beauty is 14mm thick and weighs 110g, so it’s not lightweight and fragile like the Samsung Gear S2, but it’s supposed to be chunky like Kors’ all-metal boyfriend watch.

It comes in eight colors and has four interchangeable silicone straps. In contrast, the Dylan Access has a rubber wristband and comes in three colors. While it’s bulky like the Bradshaw, it’s more suited for men. While both styles are unique, it’s what they do as smartwatches that make them stand out.

Not only do you get to select from ten blinged-out watch faces, but you can choose day or night mode. It’s a nice little aspect geared towards the fashion conscious. It’s the same as changing an accessory, like earrings, to suit day or night. As beautiful as the faces of the watches are, the pixel sizes could be a little better. The size they are; now leaves a lot to be desired. According to, Tag Heuer Connected meets the demands that Kors’ smartwatch doesn’t. Where Michael Kors’ sportier smartwatches tend to have small faces, Tag Heuer gives you big, beautiful and easy to read ones.

There’s going to be an Android Wear 2.0 so the various features will be updated eventually. One neat feature it offers if you don’t mind walking around speaking into your watch, is Google Voice. Pretty handy if your hands aren’t available and you can’t put a phone to your ear. It also offers Google Fit to keep track of your physical activity. Thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip, it has a pretty long battery life and it’s easy to charge.

All-in-all, this is a pretty stylish, handy smartwatch that is sure to only get better with each update. The Michael Kors smartwatches are definitely raising the IQ of the smartwatch.