I can hear you wowing, this guy is big folks. Below are some interesting things about Mark.

Mark Cuban’s Net Worth

So How much is Mark Cuban worth? His net worth is said to be over $3 Billion Dollars!

How did mark cuban make his money

He started selling at the age of 12. That was for some garbage bags to pay for a pair of shoes he liked. He went on to selling stuff to make extra money on the side. He started working in as a Software Salesman and built his consultancy firm. After selling it for $6 Million, mark had the capital he needed to play big. He then Mark Cuban earned over $5.7 Billion when he sold Broadcast.com to Yahoo.

Mark’s Wife: Tiffany Stewart

He met his wife at a Gym and check this out Tiffany is 14 years younger than him. Mark can possibly impress anyone at gym “benching” that wealth.

Mark Cuban House

I am not sure if $17 Million Mansion in Texas should really be called a house.

Fountainhead: His Yacht

Mark Cuban's Yacht: Fountainhead
Mark Cuban’s Yacht: Fountainhead

He owns a beautiful 288 feet Yacht named, Fountainhead. It turns heads at every Marina it gets close to. According to some the name is coming from a Novel and motivates him to take risks and be liable for result of his actions.

How old is mark cuban?

He was born on July 31st 1957 and is 57 years old.

Mark Cuban Family

Mark is coming from a working class Jewish Family.

NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Owner

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is Dallas Mavericks’ owner

Billionaire Presidential Race

Also Mark recently claimed that he can stand up for Presidential campaign as a Democrat candidate to win against Clinton and would go on to win the race.

Anyone want Mark as President?