The Apple Watch app is designed for the safety of your most prized possession – your iPhone.

We all suffer from ‘nomophobia’ – the fear of being without our mobile phones, and it’s completely understandable. The phone is now our watch, radio, camera, email device, games console and social network controller – all rolled into one.

Misplacing this all-important device is not an option, but happens all the time, and it always seems to happen when you’re in a hurry.

That’s about to change with the new Apple Watch app. Mobile security company Lookout launched an Apple Watch app on Tuesday that makes sure your iPhone is always within a safe distance.

This app can be helpful in finding a misplaced or lost iPhone. According to Lookout,” the new app for the Apple Watch gives wearers a real-time look at how far away they are from their iPhone.”

A “distance visualization bar” on the app’s homescreen, shows you how far away you are from your iPhone. The bar keeps adjusting as you move around, indicating if you’re getting “warmer” or “colder.” This works by setting a distance meter between your watch and your iPhone, using a Bluetooth connection.

The app is like an invisible leash for your iPhone that makes sure you don’t move out of range. And if you do, the Watch on your wrist alerts you that you’re getting out of range.

You have the option to set your iPhone to emit a loud scream sound or to pull up a map showing your iPhone’s location.

Apple Watch app
Apple Watch app – Scream notification

The loud alarm should help you track your phone down or even scare away potential thieves.

The Lookout Apple Watch app comes with some very useful features. If your phone is stolen or lost, even if you’re not connected to your phone, the Watch app can trigger the scream – as long as your iPhone has a Wi-Fi connection.

If your phone is somewhere farther away, a map shows the phone’s last known location where the watch and your iPhone were connected. This is nearly real-time, as the app is constantly tracking the iPhone’s GPS.

As the app uses the GPS, this may have an effect on the iPhone’s battery, but it’s too soon to say how pronounced that effect will be for Lookout’s Apple Watch app.

The best feature of this app is the ability to configure the app to buzz your Apple Watch when you’re out of Bluetooth range. This should help you not make the most common mistake – setting the phone down and walking away leaving it behind.

If you wish to install Lookout’s Apple Watch app, visit the Watch App Store on your iPhone. This app is compatible with iOS 8 and higher.