Facebook is rolling out a new feature to Instagram, which will finally give users the ability to upload longer Instagram videos, up to 60 seconds long.

Instagram Update to Enable Longer Video Length

Instagram started as a photo only app but then went to allow video uploads in 2013. However, the video could only be 15 seconds long. Despite being more generous than Vine, who only allows 6-second videos, people wanted the ability to post longer videos.

According to Instagram, the time users spent watching videos on Instagram has increased by 40 percent in the last six months. Unfortunately, the roll-out of this new feature is going to happen gradually and you may not see it for weeks, or even months.

For iOS users, a new update is available now which brings back the ability to make a video using multiple clips. You can upload, trim and stitch multiple clips from your camera roll to make an awesome video. Instagram also recently released an update where likes for videos was replaced with views.

Advertisers were given the ability to upload longer videos almost two months ago, now, regular users can too.

So yeah, you will soon be able to upload longer Instagram videos and give your audience more of you.

Download Instagram 7.19 for iOS