The LMcable is a new charging cable that can be used to charge both Lightning-equipped iOS devices and Android devices with microUSB port.

Both iOS devices and most Android smartphones use a Lightning connector and microUSB, respectively. Although Android mobile manufacturers have started to use USB Type-C, it still hasn’t become the standard.

Have you ever been in a situation where you own an iPhone and all your friends have Android devices. You want to charge your phone, but no one has a lightning cable. Or vice versa.

LMCable Charging Cable

With the new LMcable, you can carry one single cable that will charge both Lightning and microUSB equipped devices. The cable features a Lightning connector on one side, flip the cable and you now have a micro USB connector.


If you’re someone who owns both an iOS and Android device, you’ll really find this cable useful. You no longer have to carry two different cables to charge both your devices.

However, since only half of the connector is Lightning-enabled, it isn’t reversible. Apple’s Lightning cable is reversible, which means you can connect it anyway. This cable won’t allow you to do that. Apart from that one downside, this is a pretty useful gadget.

The cable is made from strong and premium materials, plus it supports fast charging. You can connect this to your iPad charger to charge your iPhone faster. Android users can make use of Quick Charge and other features. The cable is rated at 2.4 A, which is pretty good and can charge your device quickly. You can also use the cable to transfer data.

This is a Kickstarter project that has already crossed its $5000 funding goal and has reached $176, 513 AUD, with more than 20 days left. So yeah, people like this idea and would like to have a single cable for both iOS and Android devices.

The LMcable is expensive for a charging/data transfer cable, at $21, and that’s the discounted price. Once the cable goes on sale, it’ll cost you more. You can back the project on Kickstarter to get your LMcable when it ships in April 2016. It’s available in White, Brown, Black and Blue.