Welcome back, Paris!

Ardent followers of the hit 2007 series Gilmore Girls have tangled emotions about the recent news that Rory’s rival cum tormentor, Paris Geller played by Liza Weil, is also set to appear in the much-awaited revival episodes this year.

Original creator Amy Sherman-Palladino reportedly planned to cast the actress ever since the original details about the revival episodes were being discussed. However, the official announcement was delayed due to schedule problems as Weil was still busy with her stint on the ABC’s show How to Get Away with Murder.

Weil stars on ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’

At the aTVfest in Atlanta last Saturday, Weil herself confirmed that she will appear in two-out-of-four episodes. Alongside Weil, are the returning ensemble of Lauren Graham (Lorelai), Alexis Bledel (Rory), Kelly Bishop (Emily), Scott Patterson (Luke), Matt Czuchry (Logan), Yanic Truesdale (Michel), Sean Gunn (Kirk) and Keiko Agena (Lane). Weil’s character, Paris, is said to be a lot of more fun in the upcoming short episodes. Bishop has even commented, “Paris is a hoot, it’s unbelievable what Amy has written for Paris. People are going to have so much fun with it.”

The Anticipation Continues

Early January of this year, Netflix announced that the show’s episode titles will get their names from the four seasons of the year: Summer, Winter, Fall, and Autumn. The Palladino tandem, who will write and direct the revival episodes, have decided to pick up where the last season left off, regardless of them not being able to have a say on the ending of its very last season before it was abruptly put on hold. Fortunately, according to them, they can still steer the wheel towards how they initially wanted the show to end. Fans are sure to have failed in suppressing their thoughts about the famous ‘final four words’ ASP meant to conclude the show with.

The whole cast and crew (hoping also to be part of the revival)

The revival is comprised of four 90-minute episodes, which started shooting on the set of famous Stars Hollow town one Tuesday morning. Weil revealed her “very emotional” script-reading experience saying, “It’s like a really magical perfect time machine. I’m very happy to be a part of it.”