It was just a few days ago that the first batch of 13 &15 inch MacBooks Pros supporting Touch Bars started preparation for shipment and we already have Apple LG Ultrafine 4K displays ready for shipping and expected to be arriving in the coming week and 15 November is the expected delivery date.

LG UltraFine 4K displays to arrive in about 6 weeks

The 21.5” Ultrafine 4K display was available against pre-order concurrent with the MacBook Pro sporting the Touch Bar. It was then estimated that deliveries would commence by mid-November at the earliest. Presently the delivery estimate is quoted at 5 to 6 weeks

The UltraFine Display was debuted by Apple last month at the MacBook Pro event in the 4K and 5K variations. Since that event, the 4K variant was available against pre-order while the 5K variant is still awaited. Apple stated that it partnered with LG for developing displays specifically targeted at the new MacBook Pro and it was Apple’s responsibility to ensure that the screens were optimized for its product range. Shortly after the announcement on displays, Apple also confirmed that it was stepping out of business is standalone displays.

LG UltraFine 4K displays – power them with MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro can power one 5K UltraFine display or 2 4KUltraFine displays while the 15” variant can power two 5K displays or 4 4K displays. In addition to this, both the displays also include 3 downstream USB-C ports which can charge your MacBook Pro using the same cable carrying video and data signals.

Apple drops prices for LG UltraFine 4K displays and the 5K displays

Earlier in November, Apple had lowered the price for both the displays with a view to smoothen the transition for new owners of the MacBook Pro. The move also impacted all USB C adapters from Apple. The 27” 5K UltraFine display now costs $974 representing a drop of $325 from the original price of $1,299. The 4 K UltraFine Displays is similarly priced at $524 now against his initial price of $699 representing a reduction of $175. However, the lower prices are available to you only until the end of the current year.

VIA: Apple