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Lancer Tactical M4 LT-04B RIS AEG Softair RifleLancer Tactical M16 LT-04B RIS AEG Airsoft Rifle4.5/5 Shop Now at Amazon.com

Airsoft beginners, look no further. This is the rifle that you need to get you out and on to the field in no time. The Lancer Tactical M4 LT-04B AEG Softair Rifle (We’ll just refer to it as the M4) is the perfect gun for beginners who are looking to give airsoft a shot but don’t want to spend all that money to decide if they like the sport or not. At an extremely great price Lancer Tactical has made this softair M4 with one exact audience in mind: the new guys. Let’s start breaking down this rifle’s specifications to get you ready for yours.

Lancer Tactical M4 Specifications

Lancer Tactical M4 LT-04B AEG Softair Rifle

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12 Rounds per second at 370 FPS is pretty good for an AR, you definitely won’t find yourself at a disadvantage on the field with something like that. What divides most people about this rifle is that it is made from Polymer which is a sturdy plastic. Some find that the plastic isn’t durable enough or that metal should’ve been used instead. Others argue that Lancer Tactical using plastic makes the gun weigh less and ultimately easier to carry. I find that the Polymer isn’t as bad as people make it out to be and it doesn’t make the gun feel any worse. It also makes sense for Lancer Tactical to make this softair M4 plastic, how else would they be able to offer it for such a low price? Also, at least they made the internal gearbox metal to prevent any pieces breaking inside the rifle. The inclusion of a four sided RIS and six position stock are great for player preference. Being able to customize and fit your weapon to make it truly yours is something every player loves.

Lancer Tactical Softair M4 AEG


Overall Rating – 4.5/5

Pros & Cons



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If you purchase this gun you’ll find that the pros I listed are very true to the gun but you’ll also find that the cons are as well unfortunately. The LT-04B M4 really does provide an authentic AR-15 feel and is perfect for beginners as it gives you everything you need to go out and play (besides protective gear). The rate of fire is pretty good for having an 8.6V battery but definitely look to purchase a 9.6V as they’re much better in terms of powering this softair M4 and have a longer lifespan. The cons are mostly nitpicking or small flaws but some people do feel that significantly effects the guns quality and so I did include them in the list. The wobbly components definitely are true though, the foregrip when attached to the rails can feel noticeably unstable, which kind of sucks.

What Does Your Purchase Include?

Lancer Tactical Softair M4 AEG Box Cover

When you buy your Lancer Tactical M4 AEG, you’ll receive the following:

Overall an excellent deal, you’re getting everything you need to be field ready (besides protective gear) in just one purchase. This is why this gun is so heavily recommended for new players. An additional purchase I would suggest you make along with your softair M4 AEG, is some more BBs. You may think 1000 rounds is enough to last you a while but rather safe than sorry. The great thing about airsoft is the ammo is cheap compared to paintball!

Lancer Tactical Softair M4 AEG Down Sight

Personal Recommendations

Get a 9.6V Battery & Smart Charger – Definitely look to pick up a 9.6V battery, you’ll be thanking yourself the whole time. The Lancer Tactical M4 comes with an 8.6V and while that is okay, a 9.6V battery is much better in all aspects. Its battery life is longer, and provides more power which can increase your guns rate of fire. Along with the 9.6V battery pick up a smart charger for it as well. Smart chargers are great for your battery because once the battery is fully charged the smart charger will stop charging the battery any further, which lengthens the overall lifespan of your new 9.6V battery. For a solid 9.6V battery and Smart Charger I’d recommend Tenergy. You can find the battery here on Amazon.com, and the Smart Charger here.

Final Verdict

The Lancer Tactical M4 LT-04B AEG Softair Rifle is an excellent gun for beginners who just discovered their love for the sport or anyone looking to give it a try. At an excellent low price you can’t go wrong with something like this. I give this gun my seal of approval and if you give it a shot you will too. You’ll find that the gun is everything it cracked up to be and you’ll love it for that. Lancer Tactical did a great job giving the new players a rifle just for them so kudos to them as well. Thanks for reading this review and have fun at your next match!

If you are interested in purchasing the Lancer Tactical M4 AEG Softair Rifle you can find it here at Amazon.com.

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