Kristina Sunshine Jung is the 29 year old daughter of drug king, George Cartel. Read on to find out more facts about her role as daughter to one of Mexico’s most notorious drug fathers!


1. Kristina Sunshine Jung is Blood of a Well Known Drug Dealer

Kristina’s father, George Jung(also known as “Boston George”). Her father was well known in the 1970s and 1980s for the Medelin Drug Mob. It was said that her father’s operation was responsible for at least 90 percent of the drugs being imported into the United States during the 1980s and 1990s.


2. Her Father Has Been Incarcerated Various Times

Kristina Sunshine Jung’s father George, has been in and out of prison for most her life. During one attempt at escape, her father took his family on the run. He attempted to do legal jobs and keep himself clean. Unfortunately in 1990 he had given way to drug possession again and this time served 60 years in jail. Records also indicate her father had took in about 15 million for each successful drug run. It is also known that he brought in a hot 100 million through drug interactions but all money was lost upon incarceration.

Kristina has been reunited with her father, George Jung. His most recent arrest describes him as serving a 22 year sentence and then has been released since June of 2014. He was incarcerated for possession of marijuana and distrusting, abetting and aiding. Her father was released to a sober house located in California. Since then her father has said that he intends to make up lost time that prison and the drug Cartel had taken away from him and his beloved daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung.


3. Kristina Sunshine Jung Played in” Blow” a Movie About her Father’s Life in Drugs:

In the movie “Blow” Kristina has a scene in the movie, starring Johnny Depp, the movie depicts Kristina’s father’s life in the drug world and prison. In the movie she plays herself, the drug kings’ daughter, unfortunately, this scene was deleted. However, in the “Blow” DVD, you can find her part in the movie in the DVD extras menu.


4. Kristina Sunshine Jung In Other Media:

Since the revolving news about the drug Cartel’s father’s time in prison and movie “Blow”, there has been numerous books, media and other various documentaries on her father and their life on the run.




5. Kristina Sunshine Jung’s net worth is estimated to be $150 thousand

Kristina Jung Sunshine is nowhere close to richest celebrities, however it is said that she brings in a quiet net worth of $150, 000.

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