Fans of Disney’s Kingdom Hearts 3 have been patiently waiting for the newest release, but the developer and publisher of the series, is keeping mum, for now.

There are rumors in the gaming world that the game will come out sometime in 2016, but this is not yet confirmed by any reputable source. However, there is a lot of information coming out about the game including which characters will appear, an overview of the game and game play information.

Here’s what we know about Kingdom Hearts 3 and KH3 Release date:

First, we know that this action role-playing game will take place following the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Sora returns as the protagonist in Kingdom Hearts 3 and is joined by other characters including King Mickey, Donald Duck, Riku and Goofy. This team takes it upon themselves to search for the “Key to Return Hearts” and the seven guardians of light. If they can stop Master Xehanort, they can also stop a second Keyblade War. Kingdom Hearts III is reportedly the final chapter of the series’ “Dark Seeker” saga.

The gameplay for Kingdom Hearts 3 is similar to its predecessors, and in an interview, Tetsuya Nomura, the director, has stated that combat in the game would be like Kingdom Hearts II with a slight evolution to bring in some new elements. Nomura also stated that some well-received additions may appear in the game and multiplay elements are a possibility.

Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III….Coming Soon

The setting of Kingdom Hearts 3 is largely new though players of the series will see a few familiar locations including Olympus and Twilight Town, which are based on the Disney film, Hercules.

Fans will also notice some changes in the look of the characters, but only to make them more like the originals. The Kingdom Heart characters came from paintbrush art, and in this game, the characters return to this originality. To achieve this, the development team took each character through a series of tests, and though the team reports the look may appear dramatic, Nomura states that he sees it as, “[A] rich evolution of everything we’ve shown you up to now.”

The latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 is now available, and updates to the Kingdom Hearts III release date will be published as soon as possible.