What exactly is Kindle Unlimited and why exactly do you need it?

It is actually everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Many of our modern day book enthusiasts sacrifice a lot of time searching and scouring the internet in hopes of finding a copy of their most coveted books for free.

Kindle Unlimited wants to change that.

After years of clear thinking and rethinking, the people behind Kindle has finally decided that they want to make a lot of readers happy.

And the company has found the perfect way to do it.

Introducing Kindle Unlimited.

Every Kindle owner knows the struggle of not having enough books to read on their gadget, as well as the pain of having to deal with the often hefty price tags that come with the books they hope to be reading.

This is exactly why Amazon thought about coming up with a service that even people who are often hesitant about shelling out cash for something they could sometimes get for free — will want to buy.

Amazon came up with a brilliant idea called Kindle Unlimited.

Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription wherein users are only charged a minimal fee of $9.99 a month. The service is unlimited in every sense of the word — as having access to the service is practically like having access to a really huge library.

Users have access to everything they see.

Every subscriber can read as many books as they want not just on Kindle, but on any other device through the Kindle app. Users can also take advantage of the subscription’s “Kindle Unlimited with Narration” feature, which allows them to listen to narrations of the books they read straight from their devices. This feature also lets users seamlessly switch between listening and reading, and Kindle will pick up exactly where they left off.

Kindle Unlimited currently offers a 30-day free trial, and you can start your subscription here.