Most of us know and love Jennifer Aniston as her role as ‘Rachel Green’ on the hit television series ‘Friends’ which aired from 1994 – 2004. Jennifer Aniston is a 47 year old actress from the United States who was born in Sherman Oaks in California. Jennifer Aniston is the daughter of Nancy Dow and John Aniston and both of her parents were involved in acting. Jennifer Aniston’s father has featured in ‘Days of Our Lives’ and her mother has featured in ‘The Wild Wild West’ and ‘The Beverley Hillbillies’. When Jennifer Aniston was growing up, she also lived in New York City, Pennsylvania and also spent a year living in Greece as a young child. Jennifer Aniston has featured in many hit Hollywood films such as ‘Along Came Polly’, ‘Marley & Me’, ‘Bruce Almighty’, ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, ‘Just Go With It’ and ‘The Break Up’. Jennifer Aniston also had a famous marriage to the famous American actor Brad Pitt and the couple was even termed ‘Bennifer’. Although these may be well-known facts about Jennifer Aniston, simply continue reading this article in order to discover interesting facts you may not know about Jennifer Aniston, as well as her net worth.

Jennifer is Fighting to Keep Her Dad at NBC

Jennifer Aniston’s father, John Aniston, has played the role of ‘Victor Kiriakis’ for 31 years on ‘Days of Our Lives’, which airs on NBC. Jennifer Aniston’s 83 year old father is talking about retiring and has even told NBC that they can write him out of ‘Days of Our Lives’. Jennifer Aniston is extremely opposed towards her father’s retirement and is fighting to keep him at NBC. Jennifer Aniston states that working keeps her father alive and well.

Jennifer Aniston Wanted to be Monica on ‘Friends’

An interesting fact you may not know about Jennifer Aniston is the fact that she originally auditioned to play the role of ‘Monica Geller’ on the television show ‘Friends’. Jennifer Aniston apparently persuaded the producers of the show to allow her to play the role of ‘Rachel Green’ instead because she felt she was better suited to that role. The producers granted Jennifer Aniston’s request but told her she first had to lose 30 pounds.

She is a High Paid Actress

Jennifer Aniston is such a high paid actress that she was earning $1 Million for every episode of ‘Friends’.

She is a Personal Trainer

An interesting fact you may not know about Jennifer Aniston is the fact that she was a personal trainer to Matthew Perry who was her co-star on ‘Friends’. Jennifer Aniston offered to help him lose his excess weight.

Jennifer Aniston Net Worth

Jennifer Aniston has a net worth of around $150 Million.

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