Jawbone UP3 Mini Review: Edge doesn’t have to compromise style

These days, the battle among fitness trackers is not just about fitness tracking. The Fitbit Alta, the Misfit Ray, and the Jawbone UP2 — just to name a few — are those that were made with fashion and style in mind.

But what happens if we put style AND edge together?

We get ourselves a Jawbone UP3.

Health enthusiasts no longer need to choose one over the other: Jawbone’s stylish UP2 upgrade can handle both the fashion and the sporty pressure.

Equipped with everything that its predecessor was equipped with plus even more, the UP3 is armed with serious technology that doesn’t just offer what its users need, it gives them what they want.

Food logging

Just like the UP2, the UP3 is also equipped with a superb food logging feature through the UP® app that stores countless menu items from thousands of places that allows the device to give users accurate food scores that’ll help them evaluate their nutrition from time to time.


Jawbone has made sure to keep its fitness trackers’ friendly competition feature, which it hopes will help motivate users into maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Idle Alerts

This feature constantly reminds users to snap out of idleness whenever the device feels that they’re staying on a lazy state for far too long. This is particularly useful to users who are serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it can also be exasperating to those who either dislike being told what to do, or simply bought the device in the name of style.

Smart alarm

The Jawbone UP3 will not wake you up when it knows it’s not good for your health. This fact is soothing if you have nothing important to do, if your schedule is flexible, or if you simply don’t have anything to do. Otherwise, it’ll only cause trouble.

Although the company first focused on making the UP3 a waterproof fitness tracker that users can wear underwater, Jawbone ended up making the UP3 splash-proof instead.

Despite this minuscule disappointment, however, the Jawbone UP3 is still undeniably one of the most stylish and worthy fitness trackers out there.

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