Just as stylish as the Fitbit Alta is the Jawbone UP2

A lightweight, stylish fitness tracker that takes pride in both elegance and functionality.

Jawbone UP2 features a hypoallergenic, medical-grade TPU rubber and an aluminum casing that’s anodized with less than 0.5 percent of Nickel.

The device, in its entirety, is splash-proof.

This stylish fitness tracker takes functionality to a whole new horizon, boasting of up to 10 days of battery life with the help of its Lithium-Ion Polymer, 38 mAh battery — which takes a mere 60 minutes to fully charge using a magnetic USB cable.

What really gives the Jawbone UP2 an edge above all other fitness trackers in its category, however, is the fact that it’s packed with impressive features — and only weighs 25 grams.


Like many of its competitors, UP2 can track your sleep, notice irregularities, notify you of any irregularities, and inform you of ways to regulate these.


This feature makes the UP2 even better than having a personal human coach.

While human coaches can be lied to, this fitness tracker knows more about your eating habits and physical activities than you would want to let on.

The more you wear this tracker, the more it gets to know you — and because of this function, the Smart Coach can help encourage users make healthy choices consistently.


UP2’s Activity Tracker feature helps you track how many calories were burnt with every physical activity you’ve carried out during the day. This feature also helps you get into a healthy competitive mood with your friends through a function that lets you add friends on a friendly stepping competition.


The app that comes with the UP2 called the UP app, stores information about thousands of menu items from thousands of places to help give you a reliable food score — ensuring you of a proper food evaluation.


The Jawbone UP2 will never allow you to be idle and lazy, and its Idle Alerts feature was built to see to that. Just as its name suggests, this functionality alerts users when they’ve appeared to have been idle for a little too long.


The foremost purpose of a fitness tracker is to help users improve their health. With the UP2’s Smart Alarm feature, this purpose is reinforced even further. This function sees to it that you will be woken up at an optimum time in your sleep cycle — ensuring that you wake up at a time when it’s really best for you to wake up.

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