We have heard a lot of rumors and speculations about the iPhone 8. We can expect iPhone 8 to be in line this year. Earlier rumors revealed that Apple is testing with ten different prototypes for the iPhone 8. Following this, we have received the latest update from the leaks of the tech giant’s Asian supply chain.

iPhone 8 To Come With Edge-to-Edge OLED

We are already aware that Apple will be releasing three new flagships this year. Earlier leaks revealed that we would be getting a 5.8 inch edge-to-edge OLED display variant. Also, it appears that the Cupertino Tech Giant will use OLEDs even in the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch iPhone models planned for the year. However, the sources also said that since the OLED supplier production is tight for now, we cannot expect all the variants to carry an OLED display.

Earlier iPhone 8 Rumors

We can also expect Apple to ship the new iPhones with glass bodies mounted on stainless steel frames. Apple is getting back to glass bodies as it facilitates wireless charging features. According to the rumors, we can witness maximum utilization of the front side for the display this time. This is because Apple is planning to integrate the front-facing camera as well as the Virtual Home/Touch ID button into the display. We have been hearing about these exceptional features coming to the new iPhones for the last few months. However, the latest rumor by Timothy Arcuri, an analyst at Cowen and Company will be the most exciting update of the year.

Apple Will Ship Facial And Gesture Recognition In iPhone 8

We will be getting integrated facial and gesture recognition features in the OLED display of iPhone 8. According to what Arcuri calls the iPhone X, we will also have a laser and infrared sensors placed near the front camera for this purpose. However, take this piece of excitement with a grain of salt. It is notable that the analysts have mostly been right about the earlier iPhone models. So if we are indeed going to get the facial and gesture recognition feature, we can unlock our iPhone besides the Touch ID and Pin. We already have the facial recognition for the Photos app. Looks like Apple is putting its acquisition of PrimeSense to the best use. Also, we will be able to have better control of the IoT and augmented reality apps.

Wraparound Display With On-Screen Touch ID

Based on Arcuri’s leaks Apple may also bring us optical-based fingerprint Touch ID by partnering with Synaptic. Apple has also gotten a patent for a capacitive fingerprint sensor. However, we do not know which one Apple will be using for the upcoming iPhone 8. Another rumor from Arcuri says that we will have a dual-edge “wraparound” 5.8-inch display in the iPhone 8. There will be a fixed edge screen and we will have only a 5.1-5.2 inch of active area in the 5.8 inch OLED display.

We will be able to see which of the above rumors will come to light and which won’t only after the release of the iPhone 8 slated for September 2017.