iPhone 8: What to Expect

A major design change introduced by Apple for its iPhone 7 was the home button that was wholly redesigned. In the previous versions, the home buttons were just mechanical, while the iPhone 7 sports a static button that triggers a haptic feedback using Apple’s Taptic Engine when the static button is pressed. This feature may not compare with the trackpad which one sees on Apple’s Macbook, for the seamless character, the implementation has been a smart move since users get the illusion of a mechanical home button.

Apple iPhone7 – Biggest change after removal of headphone jack

The new home button is also reckoned as among the biggest among changes to Apple’s iPhone 7 after the headphone jack was removed earlier. Further, it appears that Apple has introduced an extra bit of workaround time for moments when the new button may not be functioning as it ought to. According to iPhone forum users, the iPhone 7 sports a home button on the screen when a problem is detected with the button.

Home button fails – Apple iPhone 7 has a smart solution

If the home button on your iPhone 7 fails, there is nothing to worry since Apple has intelligently designed a software solution that helps users to continue using the device till they can get the servicing done. When the software which controls the functionality of the home button starts malfunctioning, a virtual button props up to resolve the problem temporarily.

Home button may be ditched

The iPhone 8 which is rumored to be a radically new design, might ditch the home button totally with the front panel completely devoted to display. This could also mean that features like the earpiece, video camera, sensor (for ambient light) etc. will somehow go beneath the display.

In recent times, Apple has also been accorded a patent which allows it to embed light sensors straight on, to the display of the smartphone without affecting the functionality of the sensor or the touchscreen. But, we need to wait till the dawn of the next year to physically see how all these developments pan out.