Apple has released another iOS 9.3.2 beta for registered developers and is available for download over the air or from Apple iOS Developer center.

This is the second beta for iOS 9.3.2, the first was released almost two weeks ago. iOS 9.3.2 is a minor update, similar to iOS 9.3.1 and will most likely fix issues and improve battery performance. Apple released iOS 9.3 with new features such as Night Shift mode almost two months ago. iOS 9.3.1 was released three weeks ago and also fixed some bugs.

However, iOS 9.3.1 for many is still causing problems such as bad battery life, random overheating and others. iOS 9.3.2 will most likely squash all those bugs and help improve performance, battery life and more.

Apple says that iOS 9.3.2 fixes a major bug present in the Game Center app. Also, the latest beta brings back a feature that was removed in iOS 9.3.1. In early iOS 9.3 betas, Apple allowed for Night Shift mode and Low Power mode to work simultaneously.

However, in iOS 9.3 beta 4, that feature was removed and whenever you tried to turn on Night Shift mode on Low Power Mode, the toggle was greyed out. The feature wasn’t available in the public release of iOS 9.3.1 either. In iOS 9.3.2 beta 2, that feature is back. That’s almost all the changes found in the latest beta.

If you’re a registered iOS developer and are running iOS 9.3.2 beta 1, then you can get the latest beta via OTA or by downloading the IPSW from the iOS Developer Center. iOS 9.3.2 beta 2 carries the build number 13F61.