Instagram Multiple Accounts Update

Multiple Instagram Accounts is now live in both the iOS and Android app, and it allows you to switch quickly between your accounts.

In November last year, this feature was leaked and made available to certain Instagram users who were using the Android app. The feature was said to bring the ability to switch between multiple Instagram accounts, making it easier for the user to manage things.

If you’re someone who likes to have separate accounts for work, leisure, private life, etc., then you’re going to like this new feature.

Instagram has now officially announced the new feature and it should soon be live in the version 7.15 of both iOS and Android apps. If you haven’t received the feature yet, don’t worry, it should be available soon as it’s just rolling out. Make sure you’re on the latest version of Instagram for iOS and Android, that is, version 7.15.

To add a new Account on Instagram, head over to Your Profile, click on the Settings button in the top right corner. Once you’ve done that, scroll down to Accounts and tap on Add Account. Up to 5 different accounts can be added.

You can switch between them by tapping on the Username in your Profile. Photos from various accounts will be shown in the profile picture associated with the account. You’ll get notifications from all your accounts at the same time. You can choose which account displays the notifications from the Settings page.

To remove an account, just go to your Profile, Settings and Accounts, then tap on Log Out of [Username]. You can also log out of all your accounts at once if you want to.

If you’ve always wanted to manage Multiple Instagram accounts without downloading third-party apps, this is it. The feature is available on both the iOS and Android versions of the app. Haven’t received it yet? Don’t worry, it is currently rolling out to all users. You should try to delete the app, download it again and then check Settings.