An American actor, singer, songwriter, and musician. Iggy Pop, real name: James Newell Osterberg Jr, was also the lead singer for a dominant band, The Stooges. Iggy mastered numerous styles of music over the years, including: art rock, new wave, and jazz, to name but a few. He was also widely known as the Godfather of Punk due to the fact that a vast amount of bands in the past, and as of late have loaned some idea from his band, The Stooges. Iggy recently collaborated with Danger Mouse to produce “Gold” for the soundtrack of the upcoming movie Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey.

Would You Believe Iggy Was Fascinated By His Dad’s Powered Shaver?

Fascinated by rock n roll, the sounds of his dad’s powered shaver sounds from machinery at the local Ford car assembly factory in Detroit, as well as the whistling wind sound of a vacuum cleaner all inspired Iggy Pop to start drumming and began his first group called; The Iguanas. Iggy’s Pop dad was an orphan and didn’t know any of his family. Both Iggy’s parents were very conservative, giving him everything a poor family could for their kids. They lived in a trailer park which was closely situated near a good school that provided Iggy with a decent enough education. Iggy’s dad was also a school teacher.

I Bet You Didn’t Know Iggy Shared a House With His Band

Iggy Pop lived in a shared house with his band members, The Stooges. They split all the money they made, including authorship of the music they wrote. Asked if he helped influence anybody; Iggy Pop replied by saying that he had wiped out the sixties.

Iggy disliked going to school and wanted a way out of the mundane. Music gave him a way out, to lead life on his terms. Iggy’s band, The Stooges, earned him a reputation as an adventurous musician. Their music was considered the most fearful and dark anyone had ever heard before. This lead to them becoming the most well-known band ever. David Bowie took a keen interest in Iggy’s writing, and found his work to be amusing. David Bowie respected Iggy’s talent and assisted him in producing Iggy’s first albums. Iggy’s talent continues to be in demand today as he works with a range of artists. Iggy’s acting career took off as well as his music being featured as soundtracks in a variety of movies. This lead him to win over new audiences from markets never before targeted.

With Iggy Pop, There’s No Growing Old in Silence

After over 50 years in the music business, Iggy Pop has no intention of aging in silence. He hopes to continue producing music and making movies.

Iggy’s Net worth

Iggy Pop’s net worth is estimated at $20 million.