This Hungry Shark Evolution Tips

We intend to help beginners who are just trying to find a way to survive in the game’s vast digital ocean.

Similar to how real sharks survive in real life, Hungry Shark gamers must eat their way around the digital ocean in order to survive.

In the game, you will start off as a baby shark, and then slowly progress as you eat your way to survival, until you finally become the Great White shark that everyone else playing this game is hoping to become.

The Basics

Hungry Shark is a game that allows players to experience evolving into different types of shark species before finally becoming the Great White that they hope to be. Despite being renowned for being one of the deadliest predators in real life oceans, sharks in this game experience firsthand that there are dangers that they will have to overcome on a regular basis in order to survive.

To ensure their survival, Hungry Shark players must eat their way through the ocean, and the food they ingest serves as the energy that keeps their sharks going. At the top right of the screen you’ll see a green bar that indicates your “life” level, which basically tells you how much energy you have left.


The more the sharks move, and the deeper they get into the ocean, the more of these energies are spent.

Below this life bar is a red bar that indicates how much “boost” is available for you to use. Using the “boost” feature will help you speed up, which is useful when you’re trying to catch food that has the potential to escape you.

To make sure your shark has enough to keep on going, you need to keep him eating.

While the ocean gives you plenty of opportunities to feed on smaller fishes, Hungry Shark Evolution also allows you to feed on people — and even birds — as you progress into a more aggressive type of species later in the game.


Diving too deep down the digital ocean poses great danger to your shark. The deeper the ocean gets, the higher the pressure is, and the higher the pressure, the more likely it is for your beloved shark to end up being squashed. There also military mines on the ocean floor that can seriously hurt your shark if they explode, so it would be best to stay away from them.

Once in a while, you’ll also find marauding submarines that launch torpedoes in an attempt to kill you, so keep safe.


The more coins you earn, the greater your chances are of becoming the Great White shark that you’ve been dreaming of. The fastest way to earn more $$$ is by taking on missions — which requires you to collect sea shells from underwater caves or at the ocean floor.


By the way, Hungry Shark Evolution allows you to choose how you’d like to control the game. You can either opt for the tilt mode, or the touch mode, whichever you think will suit you best.

We hope this Hungry Shark Tips has been of great help to you! Any thoughts on the game? Let us know on the comments below! 🙂