New colors of the HTC 10 are now available in the United States, and they’re also being discounted. You can now buy HTC 10 in Red or Gold for $100 off.

The HTC 10 is a very good smartphone, but it didn’t do very well with consumers. It’s got high-end hardware and a good design, but for some reason, people aren’t really buying the latest flagship from HTC.

To make things interesting, HTC has announced two new colors of the 10. It is now available in Topaz Gold and Camellia Red in the United States. Also, to make things more exciting for buyers, the HTC 10 is available with a $100 discount. However, the discount is only available till August 31st.

If you don’t want the $100 discount, you can also opt for a free pair of JBL Noise cancelling headphones. The discount makes the HTC 10 available at $599, and yes, it is unlocked. You can also choose between different U.S carriers, if you want to buy the phone on contract.

HTC 10 is the latest flagship from the company, but since its release, there have been better smartphones. Still, the 10 is a pretty good smartphone.

In terms of features, it has a Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM, a Quad HD display, and great cameras both front and back. The smartphone also boasts Optical Image stabilization (OIS) on the front camera.

It also features a very stock Android, with less bloatware than what other competitors offer. The company will also replace your broken screen for free within a year of ownership of the device.

Overall, the HTC 10 is a very good smartphone, and if you’ve been wanting to buy one, now is the time. The new colors, Camellia Red and Topaz Gold, are only available when you purchase the phone online from HTC. Also, as of now, only the unlocked variant is available in those colors.

The $100 discount is only valid till the 31st of August, or till stocks last. So make it quick!

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