How To Use Google Now: Make your life easier.

Long gone are the days when phones were just phones, and cellphones merely cellphones.

How technologically advanced we have become has greatly affected not just our daily lives, but the gadgets that we use everyday as well.

Smartphones are called smartphones because they can help you do a number of things — in fact, they can help you do A LOT of things.

One of the many things that your smartphone can do is become your personal assistant.

Need it to do something? Need it to find anything?

We know that our best bet in finding anything we want to find lies not on our own abilities to search but rather Google’s extraordinary ability to stalk.

A lot of times, we tend to forget that it’s the same extraordinary technology that powers the very smart digital assistant that Google has gifted us with, which is Google Now.

What is Google Now?

Google Now isn’t just like any ordinary digital assistant l. It’s called a smart digital assistant for a reason. This technology can do many things that a human assistant usually does — from things that include getting to know your preferences and habits, to making sure that everything is set according to your taste.

Where is Google Now?

Of course Google Now isn’t something that you can physically find, but the application itself can be found in different places.

For users with stock Android phones running on 4.1 and up, the app should be easy enough to find — with one swipe to the right.

If it’s not there, then it must be hiding somewhere in the Google Now launcher for Android, Google app for Android, or Google app for iOS.

Still can’t find it? Tapping on the letter ‘G’ on the left part of the standard search box on your Android device should do the trick.

How to ask Google Now questions

Google knows a whole lot of things. We all know this for a fact that we actually turn to Google whenever we have questions left unanswered, or when there are things that we’re interested in knowing.

With that said, it goes without saying that taking advantage of all these knowledge that Google has in store in its very huge brain is perhaps the biggest benefit that there is to Google Now.

But how do you ask it a question?

Simple. Just tap on that microphone icon located in the search box and ask your question.

Remember, there are practically no limits to the questions that you can have it answered. You can ask random questions like “Where is the moon?”, as well as normal questions anyone would want to ask a personal assistant, like “What’s my next appointment?”, or “When does my package get here?”.


What’s the point in getting an assistant if not to help you out with your appointments?

With Google Now, you can manage your schedule without really having to manage it yourself — you know, just like having a real, walking, talking, and thinking assistant.

Google Now is called a smart digital assistant for a reason — that reason being it can actually be good enough to play the role of a smart human assistant, sans the ability to make your coffee.