How to use Apple Pay: No complications.

Likely another revolutionary technology pitched in by no less than Apple itself, the Apple Pay shows so much promise when it comes to the safety of cardless technology.

In this day and age, where credit cards can easily be cloned in retail stores, and their details – easily stolen by hackers — what everyone needs is a type of protection that would keep credit card users safe from prying thieves.

What better security is there than one coming from a tech company that’s constantly being plagued with warrants from the FBI due to its exceptionally secure encryption?

There’s a degree of risk, yes — knowing that hackers have already once before cracked open an undisclosed amount of iCloud accounts that led to numerous scandals and endless lawsuits.

But compared to using your credit card or debit card out there in the open, without any protection at all — knowing that scammers can clone your cards anywhere, and that hackers can steal your information from anywhere — it’s safe to say that Apple Pay is still your safest bet.

And now that we already have that settled, here’s how to use Apple Pay when shopping anytime, anywhere.

What is Apple Pay?

We kept talking all these time about how convenient and secure Apple Pay is. But what is it, exactly? Apple Pay works hand in hand with an app called Wallet, and a technology called near-field-communication or NFC. The Wallet app is where you store your credit and debit card information, and Apple Pay is the thing that facilitates all the paying through the help of the NFC technology.

Storing cards

In order for you to be able to start using Apple Pay, you must first store your card details in the Wallet app. To do this, simply launch the app, tap on the part that says “Add card”, and then start typing in your credit or debit card information. Once done, tap on the part that says “Next”. Your bank will then verify your card details. Once verified, you can immediately start using Apple Pay.

How to use Apple Pay at retail stores

You can use Apple Pay at participating retail stores with contactless card readers. Simply tap your phone at the store’s contactless card reader terminal, place your finger on your phone’s Touch ID sensor, and wait for your transaction to be completed. When placing your finger on the Touch ID sensor, however, make sure not to accidentally press the home button.

How to use Apple Pay for in-app purchases

Apple Pay can also be used through in-app purchases. When buying something in-app, simply look for the part that says “Buy with Apple Pay” and tap on it. You will be then taken to a page where you get to review your purchases. After carefully reviewing your purchases, simply place your finger on the Touch ID sensor of your phone to complete your transaction. This is a lot more convenient than having to enter in your Apple ID and password every time.

How to use Apple Pay using Apple Watch

To use Apple Pay using your Apple Watch, simply launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select the part that says “My Watch”. Tap on “Passbook & Apple Pay”, select “Add Credit or Debit Card”, tap on “Next”. Type in your card details, and then tap on “Next” once more. After your card details are verified, you can start using Apple Pay using your Apple Watch.

When paying at participating retail stores using your Apple Watch, push your watch’s side button twice and then hold your watch’s face against the contactless card reader terminal and wait until you feel a slight pulse and hear a tone. This should mean that your transaction has been successfully completed.

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