… And what to do with Clash of Clans cheaters

You might find yourself on the other side of the rope at one point or another, but whether you care to admit it or not, the truth of the matter is, there will always be times that other users will try to step all over you if you let them.

And this is a fact all too familiar to those living in the Clash of Clans world.

While oftentimes you will feel like there is nothing that you can do, the truth is, there is actually one thing that you should do.

Those whom you suspect are cheating their way into the world of CoC can be reported directly to the game’s makers, Supercell, through the Settings icon. Select the part that says Contact Us, and then tap on Help & Support. Under this option, users will be able to report other users suspected of cheating in the game. Once reviewed, the reported users will be immediately banned from the game.

If you read carefully, this article will tell you how to spot Clash of Clans cheaters.

Types of cheaters

In 25v25 clan wars, there’s likely one particular instance wherein you remember having your (1-10) best players attacked by the enemy’s 20-25, with some of their arches and barbarians dropped — only for them to wait a few seconds and then end the attack all of a sudden.

Later on, a higher level decides to attack your bases, avoids all the traps you’ve set up, and defeats you effortlessly.

Then you’re left wondering how in the world that happened.

This is how it happened

So, remember that part where your opponent waited a few seconds only to end the attack all of sudden? Their real purpose was to spy on your base and find out everything they can about all your traps.

Dedicated cheaters

Then there are cheaters who are willing to dedicate their lives to cheating in Clash of Clans. They use a certain type of software to upload base designs and then they devote the rest of their time running attacks after attacks until they’re able to come up with the perfect strategy.

Now that’s pure dedication.

So now you know how to spot Clash of Clans cheaters. Be vigilant at all times, but still, always remember — it is just a game!