How to Get Away With Murder Season 4: Why Wes Ended Up Dead

How to Get Away With Murder Season 4 will tackle the issues surrounding Wes’ death — and the first few episodes for the season are expected to address the mystery surrounding the unexpected twist during last season’s finale — the revelation that Laurel’s father was responsible for her boyfriend’s sudden demise.

Mr. Castillo’s role in Wes’s death may have more to it than just having to do with the latter dating his rebellious daughter, and revelations about this development will likely be featured during the first half of How to Get Away With Murder Season 4, which should also answer why Wes ended up dead.

Meanwhile, the previous season of the show revealed Annalise asking for a truce from the Mahoneys —but all her efforts seem to have been in vain, mainly because she seems to have been barking at the wrong tree.

The people she thought were responsible for Wes’s death now seem like they didn’t have anything to do with the crime at all.

Connor, on the other hand, proved to be helpful during the latter part of the season, despite exhibiting crazy behavior that at first led everyone to believe that he had something to do with Wes’s murder.

Four of the Keating Five survived, and even Frank was in one piece —and despite all the chaos that plagued everyone from the start of the show’s third season, somehow, despite Wes’s tragedy, everyone made it alive and not in prison.

But will the show sing a different tune in How to Get Away With Murder Season 4?

While the show’s success has been based mainly on entertainment plastered on different tragedies that the characters had to go through during the show’s past three seasons, fans can also expect even greater caliber of drama as Annalise tries to deal with her past hurts, as well as her struggles to get over Wes’s tragic death in How to Get Away With Murder Season 4.

In the meantime, filming for How to Get Away With Murder Season 4 is currently underway, and the show is expected to premiere sometime later in September of this year.