How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 Spoilers: Why Did They Kill Wes?

WARNING: How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 spoilers ahead.

How to Get Away With Murder Season 3’s finale ended with an unexpected twist no one saw coming: Laurel’s dad had Wes killed.

While previous suspects in Wes’s murder ranged from Nate Lahey to Connor Walsh to the Mahoneys — it now appears that Wes’s death may have been ordered by Laurel’s dad himself, and that the person who carried out her boyfriend’s murder was a man she called a ‘family friend’.

The big question, however, is why?

During the show’s previous season, Laurel’s dad was clear that he didn’t want Frank to have anything to do with his daughter — but he never had him killed, even despite knowing about Frank’s dark and gloomy past.

What was it about Wes that he wanted him dead?

Wes was no saint, but his record would seem squeaky clean when placed side by side with Frank’s — and yet he’s the one who ended up dead.

Recent How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 spoilers suggest that there just might be something more to the story than what has so far been shown in the show — and that all else will be revealed in How to Get Away With Murder Season 4 .

Did Connor Kill Wes?

Recent How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 spoilers suggest that Wes’s killer won’t be revealed until the final episode of the show for the season, which is aptly titled Wes.

The show’s 13th episode for Season 3 saw the tables turn on Connor, who is now being suspected of murdering Wes by the very people surrounding him (including Oliver, Michaela, Asher, and Bonnie).

The latest How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 spoilers suggest, however, that Connor may not have intended to kill Wes himself.

HTGAWM Season 3 Episode 14, entitled He Made a Terrible Mistake, is expected to reveal Connor’s side of the story — and as the title suggests, it’s highly likely that he might have made a terrible mistake.

As to what that mistake is exactly, still remains to be seen.

Is Nate Being Framed?

HTGAWM‘s previous episode showed another possible suspect for the murder of Wes Gibbins: Nate Lahey.

While Nate has always been one of the people most likely to have killed Wes, his supposed participation in the obstruction of justice in Wes’s death still came as a surprise for everyone.

Speaking to Variety, however, Billy Brown, who plays the character Nate Lahey in the series, hinted that Nate may have just been framed for Wes’s murder.

In the same interview, Brown was quoted as saying:

The fact that someone, whether it be the DA’s office or in between, would think that they could neatly sign his signature on what would otherwise be primary evidence to be admitted to court and not have one of Philly’s best detectives figure out who the hell is f–king with him, it’s complete amateur hour — this is Lahey’s perspective.

But then again, even Brown himself admitted that he doesn’t really know who killed Wes. Yet.

Is Frank Telling the Truth?

It looks like Frank may have taken the fall in an effort to get Annalise out of jail and clear her of all the charges filed against her, but the real question still stands:

Who killed Wes?

The previous episode of the show showed Frank casually picking up Wes from the police station moments before the latter’s murder, but could it be that Frank merely took the fall and was innocent, after all?

The latest How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 spoilers reveal Annalise is now one step closer to getting herself out of prison.

Who’s Taking the Fall?

HTGAWM finally returns to screen tomorrow, Jan. 26, after a long mid-season break, and the latest How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 spoilers reveal that Annalise’s mom will come running to her daughter’s side after finding out that the latter has just been jailed for murder.

Whether or not Annalise can get herself out of prison is not the real question. Annalise will naturally be able to manipulate her way out of prison, but the real question is this:

Who will take the fall for Annalise?

It looks like Annalise will not be able to waltz her way out of prison without someone having to take the fall.

Recent How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 spoilers suggest that this fall guy could be no one else but Frank.