Delete your Twitter Account in 3 Easy Steps

Had enough of Twitter and you want to delete your account once for all? Here is a step by step guide to delete your Twitter account in 3 easy steps without any technical jargon and straight to the point tips to get rid of your Twitter account with an option of saving a copy of your tweets.

1. Find a computer and log in to your Twitter account

To the best of our knowledge, you’re not able to deactivate your twitter account from your mobile device, therefore find a computer and log in to your Twitter account which you intent to get rid of by using your login credentials.

2. Locate and click on ‘Settings’

In order to find the settings option of your twitter account, head over to your profile picture and click on it, you will then see a drop down menu where the option of ‘Settings’ will be present.

Please note: Once you’re in the settings, you will see an option of “Request Your Archive” and once selected you will be able to save a copy of you tweets before deleting your twitter account.

3. Select ‘Deactivate My Account’ and say ‘GoodBye’ to your Twitter account

You should now be in the last stage of closing your Twitter account and straight in to the settings menu, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the last option (obviously) “Deactivate My Account”. Once selected, a page should appear with lots of information about the after-effects of deleting your twitter account and if it is not enough to persuade you to stay and keep tweeting and retweeting, click that big blue ‘Deactivate’ button.

Twitter will ask for you to re-enter your password again to fully deactivate your Twitter account and end your misery.

Once you have deactivated your Twitter account, some of your account information may still be viewable on the Twitter but it should all be gone within few days.

*Please Note: If you would like to make your username or email address available to be re-used on a new twitter account before deactivating your account, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Head over to Settings page from the drop-down menu underneath the profile icon.
  2. Select a new username within the username field.
  3. Change your email address to a new one within the email address field.
  4. A new link should arrive in your new email address, make sure to click on the link and activate it.
  5. After following all the steps outlined above, your email and username will be available for a new account for 30 days if you choose to sign-up within this period of time.
  6. Proceed with deactivation as listed above.