BigBelly Solar Smart Trash Cans can change the garbage game dramatically

In this day and age, smart everything can be found everywhere. From smartphones, smartwatches, smart fridges, smart speakers, to smart cars — practically anything worth using has already been made ‘smart’ by our innovative inventors.

Anything not ‘smart’ enough just yet will soon likely have a ‘smart’ version of itself.

Typically, smart products are well-loved for the convenience they give consumers. Everything that required painstaking work in the past is suddenly no longer equated with the grueling work that once came side by side with them, thanks to these wonderful smart-ified products and devices.

But one particular smart product stands out not only because it provides convenience — it stands out because of the fact that it also has the ability to help humans save a staggering amount of money.

And this product is none other than BigBelly Solar’s astonishing smart trash can.

Technically, these trash cans by BigBelly Solar were launched about 10 years ago — although back then, these products weren’t really considered smart. At least not yet — because it was in 2009 that the company was able to successfully develop its smart trash cans’ sensor technology.

This impressive technology enabled BigBelly Solar’s smart trash can to pack itself with numerous features — the most important of which is the ability to maximize the amount of garbage that the can itself can hold, with the help of compactors.

Another important feature of this smart trash can is its ability to send an alert whenever it feels that a pickup is already necessary, with the help of built-in sensors, as well as its Wi-Fi capability.

Philadelphia is just one of the states that decided to make use of these BigBelly Solar smart trash cans, with about 1,100 units installed throughout the state that ultimately led to a whopping $1 million in savings.

Today, there are about 1,500 cities located in 46 different countries that make use of BigBelly Solar’s smart trash cans.