Hitman Agent 47

The Hitman games have played a massive part in establishing the stealth genre we have today and allowed gamers to step into the shoes of what is arguably the most iconic assassin character in the video game community. The new game simply titled ‘Hitman’, will be Agent 47’s sixth outing and the first title made for next-gen consoles. The previous game ‘Hitman Absolution‘ didn’t get a great reaction from the franchise’s die-hard fans, and it seems that the developers are looking to wrong a right by going back to the roots of what has made previous Hitman games so great. Absolution’s much more linear approach to gameplay and level design has gone, and now fans of the franchise will be able to get back to the more open style level with an attack-from-all-angles approach.

The most interesting thing about the new release is that it’s going to be a digital-only format, and instead of just downloading the whole game players will be given monthly content or ‘episodes’ following the game’s initial release date. It’s yet to be seen whether or not this format will be well received or not, but it’s definitely an innovative and somewhat bold move by the developers. Another thing you will have noticed from the initial trailers and gameplay is that Agent 47 has a slightly different and more refined look. Here is a two-part interview with key members of the development team discussing the main character and what it’s like to build a whole franchise around him.

Part 1

[youtube id=”KW2DbQz3Zss”]

Part 2

[youtube id=”Z4e0fxGGiFI”]

A beta trial version of the game will be available on PS4 on February 12th, and shortly followed by the PC edition on the 19th, but sadly for Xbox One owners you’ll have to wait until the actual release date of March 11th. As an Xbox owner myself and a massive fan of Hitman this isn’t great news. Once the game is released or before hand if you preorder, you can decide whether you want to buy the full package of content for $49.99 or get monthly episodes for $9.99. So basically like the majority of games that have the option of a season pass for online content.

Here is Hitman’s latest trailer ‘World of Assassination”.

[youtube id=”AkrUJJgQAaY”]

Hitman will be released on March 11th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.