Hidden iPhone features that can completely change your life

Compared to other mobile phones in the market today, it’s undeniable that Apple’s iPhone is among the priciest — but you probably never knew that it’s for a good reason, until today.

To date, Apple has sold billions upon billions of this highly coveted gadget — a gadget considered a must-have in both the worlds of the fashion and tech-savvies. Gone are the times when there were no in-betweens, the era wherein people were supposed to be either fashion-savvy or tech-savvy — but never both, never in-between.

Apple was one of the first companies to blend technology in with trend, what with its colorful clam-type old MacBooks and its colorful iPod shuffles and such.

In this day and age, every single individual in the world — whether living in a first-world country or in the poorest regions of a third world country — has likely seen at least one iPhone in his entire lifetime. Many of us are either owners of iPhones or have family members or friends that own an iPhone, and it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without seeing someone actually holding one. This must-have gadget is so ubiquitous that the chances of seeing at least one of these in our everyday lives are, typically, endless.

Why is it so popular?

Apple’s iOS undoubtedly offers one of the simplest interface ever made for mobile phones. In fact, its interface is so simple that the gadgets equipped with it don’t really come with the thick, complicated instruction handbooks that gadgets usually come with inside their boxes.

And the iPhone’s look? Extremely fashionable. In fact, it’s so fashionable that the most popular celebrities from every nation all across the globe either own one or are using one.

… And the features?

The iPhone, being the most-coveted fashion must-have that it is, is often judged by its cover. The features that the phone boasts of is often overlooked due to the hype of its popularity. But if one is to take the time to actually closely examine its features, one will almost certainly be surprised.

On top of the exciting features that it has to offer, there are also some hidden iPhone features that many people — even iPhone users themselves — are likely unaware of.

And here are some of them.


Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Do you like doing carpentry jobs on your own? Are you wondering why we’re asking you this?

If you are, then chances are, you’re not aware that iPhone actually comes with a built-in level. Not the type of level that you need to finish in games in order to move up — it’s the type of level that carpenters actually use for carpentry.

Thinking about hanging that painting on the wall? Need to level it? Grab your iPhone, launch the compass app, and swipe left. There you go. You got yourself a level.

Medical ID

This is probably the most important among all the hidden iPhone features, as it comes in pretty handy in times of emergencies.

In the Health app of your iPhone, tap on the tab that says ‘Medical ID’ located on the lower right corner of your screen. You will be given an option to create a Medical ID. Create one. Under this option, you can enter vital information such as your name, birthdate, any medical condition or allergies you may have, blood type, as well as emergency contacts. Once you’ve successfully completed this, whoever comes to your rescue in times of emergencies will gain access to these important information in an instant — even without having to unlock your phone.

In the lock screen, they can swipe right, tap on Emergency, tap on Medical ID, which should be on the lower left hand corner of the screen.


Most — if not all — iPhone users are probably aware that messages sent and received on it often come with timestamps. The problem is, not every message comes with a timestamp. There are those that make you struggle to think what the actual time was when you sent or received them.

Well, guess what? You can just simply swipe left on that particular message and you will find yourself staring at the timestamp that you were working so hard to make a guess about.

LED lights

There are just times that you simply want to keep your phone on silent mode but you still want to know if that message that you have been waiting for so eagerly has finally arrived. Do you sometimes wish your iPhone had one of those features from Blackberry that flashes a light when you get notifications?

Guess what? It does.

Just go to Settings, tap on General, tap on Accessibility, and toggle on the option that says LED Flash for Alerts.

Shake to undo

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, your iPhone actually comes with a feature that lets you literally shake it off.

Ever typed a page-long rant message and ended up not wanting to send (or re-read) it anyway? With this handy hidden iPhone feature, you can actually just literally shake your phone and it will ask you if you want to undo typing. Yes, undo typing please..


We all know that there are so many things that Siri is capable of doing. But what we often forget is that there are languages that Siri is capable of speaking. Stuck in a foreign land where no one can understand you? You’re going to need an internet connection for this, but it will save you time, sweat, and maybe even a life (likely yours). Quickly google translate what you want to say, highlight the translated version by double tapping on the entire thing, and then select Speak from the options. Siri will then speak in that language for you.

Are there any more hidden iPhone features that you know of that were not mentioned in this article? If you do, please do let us know in the comments below! 🙂