Killing Trump With Kindness

Heidi Cruz is firing back against Donald’s Trumps attacks against her spouse, Ted Cruz. Receently she has verbally defended her husband by portraying the kind, caring, side of the Texas native senator, and as a husband and father.

Defending Cruz’s Success

Heidi Cruz also told reporters on interviews that Trump is simply jealous of how well Ted Cruz is doing. She told Dana Bash during an aired interview on Wednesday that “Yeah, so there are a lot of false suggestions out there because I think some candidates are trying to distract from how well Ted’s doing in this election,” As quoted from

Heidi Talks About Trump’s False Attacks Re-guarding Unpaid Loans

Trump continued to try to bash Heidi Cruz’s husband for unpaid debt. In rebellion to this, Heidi Cruz told reporters, “I think so. Yeah. When you look at the track record, our financial history is public, we’ve put it all out there. And we paid back those loans,” Also quoted from a recent report on

Fighting Back Against Trump’s Attack Once More

Finally, Trump went to hit below the belt when he attempted to say that Ted Cruz only made it because of bloodlines. Trump tried saying that Ted Cruz was sworn in because of his American born mother who lived on Canadian ground. In response to this Heidi Cruz said “I don’t think it’s hurt the campaign. I know that this is not a legally disputed issue,” she said. “This has come up many times before, has been settled as to what is a natural-born citizen. Ted perfectly fits that definition, and so I think it’s another example of distractions”. She also fought back with “Even from the Senate floor, and more importantly at home. A person who, when I’m really busy running around the house the other day when he had a lot more on his plate, sat down and packed my suitcase for me”, This was in a final attempt to show Americans how sincere her husband would be granted he is voted President.

Heidi Cruz Net Worth

Heidi Cruz was born August 7,1972 in San Louis Obispo, California. She attended Claremont McKenna College and graduated with a BA in Economics and International Relations. Her career began in 2003 when she began employment with the Bush Administration re-guarding economic policy. She enjoyed her work with Bush Administration calling it “personally fulfilling”. In 2005 Cruz left the Bush Administration and began a career with Goldman Sachs, as a Private Wealth Manager. She took leave of absence without pay in order to support her husband’s 2016 presidential campaign. She has also made an appearance as a speaker recounting her memories re-guarding September 11,2001 during a 2013 Midland County Republican Woman’s Luncheon. Heidi Cruz and her now husband, tied the knot May 27,2001. The net worth of Heidi Cruz is unknown.