McDonald’s in Sweden will soon start to convert their Happy Meal boxes to Happy Meal VR Goggles, so customers can enjoy some virtual reality.

The Happy Meal box can be turned to VR Goggle, similar to Google Cardboard and you can slide in your smartphone to view VR content and play games. McDonald’s is calling the Happy Goggles and will start with 3,500 boxes in Sweden on March 5th.

If you love a Happy Meal and are living in Sweden, you can try out the new Happy Goggles and enjoy some Happy Meal VR experience. The instructions to turn your Happy Meal box into a Happy Goggle will be provided on the box, which also includes a lens kit.

[youtube id=”bnYg752URcE” align=”center” maxwidth=”849″]

Making a DIY Google Cardboard like VR headset is easy and cheap, plus you get to experience virtual reality using only your smartphone. McDonald’s says that they will expand the Happy Goggles to other countries, but did not say when. Looks like Sweden will be their trial run.

Happy Meal VR Headsets

They’ll also launch a VR Game called ‘Slope Stars’ alongside the release of these Happy Goggles. The game involves you going down a slope, collecting stars and escaping obstacles and other skiers. You’ll have to control the movements using the headset, by tilting it.

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